Morocco signed agreements for manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines

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The Kingdom of Morocco, having adopted an efficient strategy since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, has signed agreements on a  structuring project on the manufacturing and fill-finish of anti COVID-19 vaccine in the Kingdom.

The agreements included the Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation for the Anti-COVID-19 vaccine between the Moroccan State and the National Pharmaceutical Group of China (SINOPHARM), the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of vaccine manufacturing capacities in the Kingdom of Morocco between the Moroccan State and the Swedish company Recipharm, said a statement issued by the Embassy of The Kingdom of Morocco in Australia.

This 500 Million dollars project which comes to concretization will enable Morocco to produce around 5 million doses per month and increasing this capacity on the medium term to enable the Kingdom to share with its African peers in their struggle to fight with the pandemic. Earlier, Morocco, faithful to its principles of empathy, solidarity and responsibility, has sent a medical aid comprising sanitary masks, hydro-alcoholic gel and medications to more than 15 brotherly African countries.

Apart from fulfilling self-sufficiency, the Kingdom will become a leading biotechnology platform in the field of the “fill & finish” industry. This project constitutes a further step for Morocco in the achievement of the Royal vision for an effective and proactive management of the pandemic crisis and its consequences as Morocco has led, so far, a successful vaccination campaign which has reached around 10 million beneficiaries of the first and second dose.

The CEO of the Swedish company “Recipharm”, Mr. Marc Funk, expressing his privilege to take part to the signing of these agreements, considers that the project to establish vaccine manufacturing capacities in Morocco is in line with the Kingdom’s health strategy.  He added that this project aims to increase the possibilities of access to immunization campaigns, whether they are preventive, endemic or pandemic.

Since the beginning of this sanitary crisis, Morocco’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been guided by the Royal Vision, based on the pillars of anticipation, pro-activity and the primacy of the citizen’s health above any other consideration. The Kingdom has taken wise precautionary measures, enabling to anticipate by establishing, on the 20th March, 2020, a state of health emergency with compulsory lockdown, travel restrictions and the wearing of masks.

These measures have been taken at an early stage in comparison with the Kingdom’s neighbourhood. This policy has been hailed by the World Health Organisation which underlined that solidarity and innovation have allowed managing efficiently the COVID-19 crisis. Morocco has been among the first countries to have mobilized more GDP resources to combat COVID-19, establishing a special fund for the Management of the Pandemic and providing social allocations to prevent economic repercussions.

In order to face the global shortage of masks, around thirty textile companies have been transformed. The fabrication had reached around 10 million masks per day with a selling price of 10 cents per unit. Morocco became exporter of masks to a number of countries. To avoid a future dependence on the importation of test kits, the Kingdom has also conceived an RT-PCR diagnostic kit and has also developed the SIRCOS ventilator for artificial respiration.

As it has been the case in Australia or New Zealand, the management of the pandemic has demonstrated the robustness, rapidity and innovative capacities of Morocco, a visionary Kingdom anticipating the situation and bringing responses to this unprecedented pandemic, which will require further efforts and mobilization of resources as well as an efficient multilateral action in order to turn its page.

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