Australia announces to extend military contribution against Daesh

BYYasir Rehman


Australia Thursday announced to extend her military contribution to support efforts by the US-led Global Coalition against Daesh to eradicate the threat posed by Daesh in Iraq and Syria and support stability and recovery in Iraq.

Minister for Defence, Senator Linda Reynolds in a statement said Australia will extend the deployment of a KC-30A air-to-air refuelling aircraft to the Australian Defence Force Air Task Group.

“An E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft would also redeployed. These aircrafts will support US-led Coalition operations until late 2020”, she added.

A Royal Australian Air Force E-7A Wedgetail airborne command and control aircraft from the Air Task Group turns into the apron at the main air operating base in the Middle East Region.

The E-7A has been deployed to the Air Task Group several times since October 2014. It is a highly advanced aircraft, providing an airborne early warning and control platform that can gather information from a wide variety of sources. It is capable of communicating with other aircraft and providing air control from the sky, and can cover four million square kilometres during a single 10-hour mission.

“Australia’s deployment of these aircraft continues our contribution to stability and recovery in Iraq, in support of members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF)”, she remarked.

KC-30A air-to-air refuelling aircraft

Senator Linda Reynolds was of the view that ISF plays a crucial role in preventing the re-emergence of Daesh in Iraq, and in repelling incursions by Daesh extremists into Iraq’s sovereign territory.

In March of this year, Australia welcomed the territorial defeat of Daesh, the culmination of sustained international efforts by Coalition members and partners.

“As we noted at the time, Daesh continues to pose a security threat to the Middle East region and the broader international community, including through the propagation of its extreme ideology”, she concluded.

To date, Australian and New Zealand Defence Force personnel have trained over 44,000 ISF personnel through the joint Task Group Taji in Iraq.

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Joel Schmidt
1 year ago

Who thinks we should have never gone into Iraq in the first place?