A bad sign’: Putin jilted as Trump says no to formal meeting at APEC


The last time he and US President Donald Trump met, in July at the G-20 summit, Trump couldn’t seem to get enough of the Russian president.

They met behind closed doors for more than two hours, without an official note taker. It yielded a limited Syrian cease-fire. Trump also spent unscheduled time with him at a dinner hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. There was also another brief meeting.

Fast-forward four months, through a series of new diplomatic, political and foreign policy tensions, and Trump is acting more stand-offish.

Kremlin officials expected the two men to hold a formal meeting in Danang, Vietnam, where Asia-Pacific leaders are gathering for a summit. Instead, all Putin got on Friday was a handshake and hello from Trump as the APEC leaders posed for a group photo. They didn’t have any encounters otherwise, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The summit will continue Saturday.

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