Australian and US Air Force signed joint vision statement

BYYasir Rehman


Royal Australian Air Force and the US Air Force have signed a joint vision statement to further strengthened the longstanding relationship between the two air forces. Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Robert Chipman and Chief of Staff of the US Air Force General Charles Q. Brown, Jr. signed the joint statement in Washington, DC.

“The statement builds on the Australian and US strategic partnership, and conveys the two countries’ intent to work together to direct and support the development and operations of their air forces”, said a statement issued by the Department of Defence.

“In today’s rapidly evolving, competitive environment, Australia and the US must be ready to meet any challenges that come up, and to do so with friends and international partners around the world”, Air Marshal Chipman said.

“Our increasing levels of interoperability are based on a rich history of operating together,” he added.

“We will continue to design our forces to survive and succeed by rapidly building the capacity, concepts and capabilities necessary for tomorrow’s emerging threats, while enhancing combined operations expertise for today’s challenges.”

The objective, included in the statement, is to generate air power that supports mutual national security approaches to deter aggression and confront threats to a free, stable and open international system.

This will be accomplished through regional engagement, effective information sharing, shared approaches to security challenges, and credible, sustainable and interoperable air forces across the Indo-Pacific region.

“Signing the joint vision statement represents another step in the long-term, enduring commitment we have to the future and to the security of our two countries”, General Brown said.

The collaboration is supported by the Air Senior National Representative (ASNR) forum which was established in 2000, and co-chaired by Australia’s Deputy Chief of Air Force and the US Air Force’s Vice Chief of Staff. The forum manages an open, agile, and frank dialogue between the two air forces, to support collaboration on an effective mix of warfighting capabilities and concepts.

“ASNR works because our countries share a mutual understanding of the challenges we face in the air domain and the need to address them”, General Brown said adding building on our ability to operate together and collaborate is critical to our warfighting advantage”.

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