Azerbaijan denounces Armenian aggression, called world attention

BYYasir Rehman
SOURCEEmbassy of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan world attention
President of Republic of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has strongly denounced the Armenian aggression against her civilian population and infrastructure and blamed Armenia’s political-military leadership for present situation.

“Armenia’s political-military leadership has resorted to another military adventure and a provocation disregarding the international law, UN Charter and the international community at a time when the world fighting the COVID-19 pandemic”, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Mr Hikmat Hajiyev said in a statement.

“The responsibility for the present situation and future developments lie squarely with Armenia’s political-military leadership”, statement issued by the Embassy of Azerbaijan quoted him as saying.

Hikmat Hajiyev narrated that around 06:00 hours, on 27 September 2020, the armed forces of Armenia blatantly violated the ceasefire regime and using large-caliber weapons, mortar launchers and artillery launched an intensive attack on the positions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan along the frontline, as well as the villages of Gapanli of Tartar district, Chiragli and Orta Garavand of Aghdam district, Alkhanli and Shukurbayli of Fuzuli district and Jojug Marjanli of Jabrayil district.

Mr Hikmat Hajiyev

“The bombardment of densely populated civilian areas and installations situated along the front line by Armenia’s armed forces has been deliberate and targeted”, he lamented.

There are reports of dead and wounded among civilians and military servicemen. Extensive damage has been inflicted on many homes and civilian infrastructure as well.

He was deeply concerned that the armed forces of Armenia continue with the bombardment of our positions and residential areas along the frontline.

“Armenia’s deliberate targeting of residential areas and the civilians is a gross violation of the international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention of 1949”, Hikmat Hajiyev said reminding the interntional community that targeting the civilian population is a tactic incorporated in the combat training of Armenia’s armed forces, and the Khojaly genocide perpetrated in February 1992 has been a vivid testimony to that.

According to the international law, Armenian armed forces’ strikes against the positions of Azerbaijan’s army, against the civilians and civilian infrastructure, with the use of large-caliber weapons, are Armenia’s yet another military aggression and an act of the use of force against

Azerbaijan’s forces claims to destroy Armenian anti-aircraft system at the contact line of the self-proclaimed Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh Photo by AP

Elaborating the counter offensive measures of his nation, he said that armed forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan are undertaking necessary counter-offensive measures to prevent Armenia’s another military aggression and ensure the security of the civilian population”, he elaborated.

“Azerbaijan has issued repeated warnings to the international community that Armenia is preparing for a new act of aggression and war and Armenia’s ongoing military aggression against Azerbaijan and the presence of the armed forces of Armenia in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories have remained a significant threat to regional peace and security’, he added.

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