Bishop Philip Huggins called to lift sanctions against Iran


Bishop Philip Huggins, President of National Council of Churches in Australia has urged the international community especially the United States to lift the sanctions against the Corona virus hit Iran.

In his video message on Palm Sunday, released by the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Canberra, Bishop Philip Huggins emphasized to be peacemaker today when the entire world is facing the challenge of Covid-19 when everyone is inter-dependent on this tiny planet.

He called upon to get rid of the weapons of mass destruction and utilise the precious resources for the benefit of humanity.

“We may not be secured by the weapons of mass destruction, can we use this opportunity to rid the world from nuclear weapons, can we challenge the cost of  arms race and allocate those resources for health, education and food security which we currently utilise for arms race”, he questioned.

Bishop Philip Huggins urged the peacemakers to lift the sanctions against Iran immediately, one of severe victim of Covid-19 in the world.

At least 2,898 people in Iran have died from COVID-19 and the number of confirmed cases in the country has reached 44,605, according to John Hopkins University.

On March 12, Iran asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for $5bn emergency funding to help it fight the coronavirus outbreak.

“This is practical for the peacemakers to lift the sanctions against the people of Iran as we see their sufferings under this Covid-19”, he urged.

Bishop said that it would be kind and gracious thing to lift those sanctions so that the ordinary people of Iran have some encouragement at this time.  

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