Australian Defence Chief stressed for political solution to the war in Afghanistan

BYYasir Rehman

Photo by ABC

Chief of the Defence Force of Australia General Angus John Campbell has stressed the need for a political solution to the war in Afghanistan joining the bandwagon supporting peace talks with Taliban to bring stability in war torn Afghanistan.

Australia has about 300 Navy, Army and Air Force members deployed in Afghanistan who are primarily focused on a NATO-led effort to train, advise and assist Afghan soldiers.

Addressing an international policy institute in Brussels on Wednesday night General Campbell said that Australia and its allies remain focused on lifting the capability and confidence of Afghan defence and security forces who are fighting the Taliban.

“But it’s a challenge in terms of the campaign because the level of capability achieved and the level presented, albeit modest, by the Taliban creates at the moment an uneasy stalemate to a degree from a terror link,” SBS quoted his as saying.

He emphasized that the campaign needs to find a political path way.

“Military activity in any campaign in any circumstance is a supporting effect to a political solution”, he maintained.

General Campbell likened the ongoing battle in Afghanistan to World War II, where there was a concerted effort to crush German and Japanese forces, before a political deal ensured lasting peace.

“In Afghanistan, similarly this is a war which is increasingly led, delivered and conducted by Afghan forces,” he said adding Afghan forces are fighting against an adversary that has a degree of sanctuary in neighbouring countries and has demonstrated the capacity to reform, recreate and rebuild.”

General Campbell supported Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy on Afghanistan, every success in reaching a peace deal to end the 17-year war with the Taliban.