New envoys for Denmark and Tonga named

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Career diplomat Kerin Ayyalaraju has been named as Australia’s next Ambassador to Denmark. Ms Ayyalaraju will also be accredited to Iceland and Norway.

Confirming new envoy for Scandinavian nations, Foreign Minister Marise Payne said that Australia cooperates with Denmark, Norway and Iceland across a range of interests, including human rights, gender equality, international development, global oceans policy, climate action, cyber and international security.

Australia has strong trade and investment links. In 2019, Danish and Norwegian investment in Australia was worth over $5.6 billion and $25.2 billion respectively, while Australian investment in these countries was worth $15.9 billion.

In Denmark, Australia is increasing her engagement on low emissions technology, including on advanced wind technology.

She said that our work in Iceland focusses on multilateral cooperation, including through the Human Rights Council.

Ms Ayyalaraju is a career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was most recently Australia’s first Pop Up Ambassador to Estonia. She has served overseas as Deputy Head of Mission in the United Arab Emirates and previously in Vietnam and Lebanon.

Also, another career officer Ms Rachael Moore has been appointed as Australia’s next High Commissioner to Tonga.

Ms Moore has previously served overseas in Dili, Jakarta and Port Moresby.

Australia and Tonga have a strong and enduring partnership, established over 50 years of formal diplomatic relations and underpinned by deep personal, historical and cultural ties.

“We have a shared interest in a secure, inclusive and resilient Pacific, reflected in our close cooperation in maritime security, fisheries management, law enforcement and community policing through the Defence Cooperation Program and Tonga-Australia Policing Partnership”, Ms Payne said.

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