Prime Minister Albanese wishes peace and happiness on Ramadan

BYYasir Rehman


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has wished peace and happiness to Australian Muslims for the holy month of Ramadan acknowledging their distress due to war on Palestine.

He said Ramadan is a season of special devotion for Muslims across Australia.

“Ramadan is a time for prayer, reflection and charity. These traditions have endured throughout the centuries, uniting the community as one”, Prime Minister Albanese said in his statement.

Referring the ongoing conflict in Palestine, he said for many Australian Muslims, this Ramadan will be distinct from others.

“I acknowledge and understand the deep distress many Muslims in Australia are experiencing witnessing the ongoing conflict in the Middle East”, he added.

He hoped that this Ramadan, when the Australian Muslims will gather in their homes and Mosques around the country, they will be strengthened by the expression of their faith and bonds of their community.

He also hoped that more Australian can come together this Ramadan to better understand and respect each other’s experiences.

“Iftar dinners around the country are a moment not only for Muslim communities to come together, but also for the broader community”, he remarked.

Greens leader Adam Bandt also greeted Australian Muslims on Ramadan acknowledging the challenges being faced by Muslim community especially the sufferings of the Palestinians.

“It is a deeply heavy and difficult time for our Muslim community during Ramadan. I want to take this time to acknowledge the challenges you’re facing, and show our support. We also think of everyone in Palestine and the suffering they are enduring”, he said on X.

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