Jacqui Lambie to resign after dual citizenship confirmed



Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has announced to resign from the Federal Parliament after her dual citizenship was confirmed by British authorities.
Her father was born in Scotland, which means she is entitled to British citizenship by descent.She told Grant Broadcasters radio this morning that she realised she may have had a problem while going back over her father’s history following the resignation of Stephen Parry from the Senate.

“I will be resigning from the Senate, it’s been made quite clear that because of my father I am also Scottish,” she said.
The senator asked the UK Home Office for clarification of her status yesterday and said the confirmation came back early this morning.

Senator Lambie said she wanted to tell Tasmanians the outcome before she addressed her Senate colleagues.She has ruled out running in the upcoming Tasmanian election, but left open the option of another tilt at federal politics, saying she may consider running in the seat of Braddon if Labor MP Justine Keay is forced to resign over her citizenship.