Pakistan High Commissioner urged community to play active role for closer ties with Australia

BYYasir Rehman


High Commissioner of Pakistan Babar Amin has urged Pakistani community to continue to play its role in acting as a bridge in fostering closer relations between Pakistan and Australia.

He was addressing the Pakistani community in Brisbane on Sunday during his visit at a consular camp organized by the High Commission.

It was a very well attended event in which a large number of members of Pakistani community, intelligentsia, academicians and media representatives were present, said a statement from Pakistan High Commission.

Duncan Pegg, Member Parliament, from the Australian Labour Party was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

The High Commissioner, while speaking on the occasion, appreciated the Pakistani community for its positive contribution to the development of Australia and urged them to continue to play its role in acting as a bridge in fostering closer relations between the two friendly countries.

High Commissioner Babar Amin

While highlighting the current reforms agenda of government of Pakistan, he said the government has identified rule of law, transparency, promotion of merit-based policies and elimination of corruption as its prime targets and is well on its way to achieve high sustainable standards in these spheres.

He added that, the government has also introduced necessary reforms in the fields of education, healthcare, tourism, agriculture and other sectors which has resulted in the rapid and extensive economic turnaround. Continuing growth and reforms have strengthened Pakistan’s economy and boosted the investor’s confidence, providing a sound and reliable basis for enhanced trade and commerce.

The High Commissioner expressed satisfaction over the status of bilateral cooperation. Special prayers for peace, progress and prosperity of Pakistan and victims of the Christchurch shooting were offered.

Labor leader Duncan Pegg

Duncan Pegg in his remarks applauded the organizing of consular camp by the High Commission for the Pakistani community in Brisbane.

He also highlighted the importance of promoting bilateral relations including parliamentary exchanges and appreciated the positive role of Pakistani diaspora in the progress and prosperity of Queensland.

He further emphasized the importance of multiculturalism and harmony within the Australian society. He lauded the services of Pakistani community elders and leaders in bringing social cohesion and dynamism to Queensland.