Putin offers to restore comprehensive partnership with Europe

BYYasir Rehman


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that world is facing new challenges and threats and we simply cannot afford to carry the burden of past misunderstandings, hard feelings, conflicts, and mistakes.

According to Russian Embassy in Canberra, President Putin in his article published in the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, emphasized that we all should recognize these mistakes and correct them.

“Our common and indisputable goal is to ensure security on the continent without dividing lines, a common space for equitable cooperation and inclusive development for the prosperity of Europe and the world as a whole”, he said.

He reiterated that Russia is in favour of restoring a comprehensive partnership with Europe.

“We have many topics of mutual interest. These include security and strategic stability, healthcare and education, digitalization, energy, culture, science and technology, resolution of climate and environmental issues”, he added.

The article is coincided with the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic war.

Putin hoped that the end of the Cold War would be a common victory for Europe as it seemed that just a little more effort was needed to make Charles de Gaulle’s dream of a single continent – not even geographically ”from the Atlantic to the Urals“, but culturally and civilizationally ”from Lisbon to Vladivostok“ – become a reality.

He lamented that the whole system of European security has now degraded significantly. Tensions are rising and the risks of a new arms race are becoming real. We are missing the tremendous opportunities that cooperation offers – all the more important now that we are all facing common challenges, such as the pandemic and its dire social and economic consequences.

Extending hand of friendship. President Putin said we are open to honest and constructive interaction.

“Our offer is confirmed by our idea of creating a common space of cooperation and security from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, which would comprise various integration formats, including the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union”, he remarked.

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