Australia and Azerbaijan laid foundation of parliamentary diplomacy

BYYasir Rehman


In a recent diplomatic endeavor facilitated by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Australia, high-level meetings took place between Australian and Azerbaijani officials in Baku which symbolizes the deep interest on both sides to build closer relations .

A delegation led by Rod Brazier, Deputy Secretary of the Development, Multilateral, and European Group of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australia, recently conducted bilateral meetings in Azerbaijan. These discussions, held from April 30 to May 1, involved key Azerbaijani counterparts at the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the visit, the first-ever political consultation between the two nations was convened at the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a view to foster closer bilateral ties.

Subsequently, a significant milestone was reached with the visit of an Australian parliamentary delegation, led by Rick Wilson, co-chairman of the newly formed Australian-Azerbaijani inter-parliamentary friendship group in the Federal Parliament of Australia.

This delegation participated in the VI World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue held in Baku from May 1-3. During the visit, discussions were held between Rick Wilson and key Azerbaijani officials, including Samed Seyidov, Chairman of the Committee on International and Interparliamentary Relations of the Milli Majlis of the AR, and Asim Mollazade, Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Australia Friendship Group.

The primary focus of these discussions was to explore avenues for cooperation between the legislative bodies of both nations, thereby strengthening bilateral relations and paving the way for future collaboration on legislative matters.

Rick Wilson, representing Western Australia in the Federal Parliament of Australia, emphasized economic cooperation during his visit, given the region’s significant natural resources in the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Wilson held meetings with various Azerbaijani ministries, including Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, AZPROMO, and Tourism, with a focus on reducing reliance on energy exports and diversifying non-oil sectors in both economies.

The discussions revolved around identifying opportunities for cooperation in import-export, agriculture, and tourism sectors, leveraging the economic similarities between Australia and Azerbaijan. The overarching goal was to enhance economic resilience and growth in both countries by capitalizing on their strengths and shared interests.

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