Embassy of Morocco celebrates the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty the King


The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Australia Tuesday night celebrated the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco in a joyful ceremony with national zeal at the historical Albert Hall of Canberra.

This reception hosted by the Ambassador of Morocco Mr. Karim Medrek witnessed the attendance of personalities coming from all over Australia as well as the members of the Moroccan community residing in the region.

Ambassador Karim Medrek welcomed the distinguished guests including Chief of Protocol at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kate Logan, Andrew Laming, member of the Australian House of Representatives, Steve Georganas, member for Adelaide, Elizabeth Kikkert, Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and heads of diplomatic missions in Canberra.

On this occasion, Ambassador delivered a speech in which he recalled the various achievements concretized, on all levels, in Morocco under the visionary leadership of His Majesty Mohammed VI.

Mr. Medrek underlined the major reforms introduced in number of fields since the enthronement of HM the King in 1999, notably on the political, social and economic levels.

“Thanks to highly relevant political and strategic choices, the branding name of Morocco is more than ever rising in a world of global competition”, he said.

He emphasized that Morocco is relying on its youth and providing them every opportunity to flourish and contribute to the construction of Morocco’s present and future as well as on women acceding, with merit, to new professions and acting with autonomy.

The Ambassador Medrek devoted part of his speech to shed lights on some of the most remarkable projects launched in Morocco this year, which in line with the Royal vision adopted all over the last decades, reflected Morocco’s excellence.

In this sense, he tackled the advance of the Kingdom in terms of infrastructures with the inauguration of the first High Speed Train in Africa, the extension of the Tanger Med Port, which has become the largest in the Mediterranean region, in addition to the launching of 2nd Moroccan observation satellite by Ariane Space or the increase of productivity in the automotive sector and the solar energy, two basic and futuristic pillars for Morocco’s economy.

Mr. Medrek seized this opportunity to tackle the most important achievements of Morocco in terms of Foreign Policy and the Kingdom’s commitment to a number of global causes, such as the fight against terrorism and climate change.

He also stressed the importance of South-South Cooperation to which the Sovereign attaches a great importance as illustrated through His more than 50 official visits in African since his enthronement two decades ago.

Concerning Morocco’s relations with Australia, the Ambassador stressed that after highlighting the great potential to explore in terms of these bilateral ties, he sees that results start to be achieved promptly and rapprochement is being concretized through the various exchange of visits between officials of both countries.

In this regard, he mentioned that this comes in light of the excellent momentum following the visit of the Minister of Agriculture to Australia, the trade Mission of the Australian-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Morocco, the signing of a Partnership Agreement between the Moroccan MAP agency and the Australian Associated Press, academic exchange between Moroccan and Australian Universities as well as cooperation in the cultural field.

In the framework of this celebration, the Ambassador saluted the presence of Moroccan fellow-citizens coming from around Australia and congratulated them for their significant representation of their mother land in Australia, underling the necessity to keep working hand in hand for reaching important goals together.

The celebration has been marked by the outstanding performance of the band of the Royal Military College Duntroon who overwhelmed the attendees by playing the Moroccan anthem as well as some classical and modern Moroccan songs.

The Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Throne Day in Australia has been crowned by the running of Tombola and the announcement of four winners who obtained precious prizes such as a flight ticket to Morocco. The Ceremony has equally witnessed a spectacular display of Moroccan food at the legendary Albert Hall of Canberra.

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