Australia must not expect to play Russia off against China: Russian Embassy

Russia pursues an independent foreign policy: Spokesperson

BYYasir Rehman

President of Russia

Russian Embassy in Australia has made it clear that Russia pursues an independent foreign policy, and no one should expect to play Russia off, be it against China or any other country.

Reacting sharply over The Sydney Morning Herald’s recent editorial entitled ‘Plan to play Putin off against China is a pipe dream ’, a spokesperson of Russian Embassy late on Wednesday said that the editorial deserves a few comments.

“The title is something nobody could disagree with. Indeed, one can hardly hope to play Russia off, be it against China or any other country. Unlike many, Russia pursues an independent foreign policy determined entirely by its national interests”, spokesperson said in a rejoinder.

Spokesperson said our national interests include a vision for a better and more democratic world, the one where all nations cooperate as sovereign and equal partners to counter global threats rather than engage in games against one another. Too bad, the SMH apparently embraces a different vision.

“The editorial highlights the ‘hard choice’ Australia is allegedly facing in connection with Mr Trump’s idea to invite Russia to the next G7 summit, but that is devoid of any relevance in view of Moscow’s position on the matter”, spokesperson continued.

President Putin with Chinese counterpart President Xi

Spokesperson said that on June 2, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the idea to expand the outdated G7 a step in the right direction” that, however, ”does not really mean a true representation”. As the statement went on: ”For instance, …it is hardly possible to implement serious global initiatives without China. We currently have an efficient, tried and tested format, G20, which includes G7, BRICS and other leading centres of economic growth and political influence of the entire world, not just one part of it”.

Spokesperson hoped this information which is readily accessible in the Embassy’s social accounts will serve to relieve the SMH concerns about the ”hard choice”.

“We expect that the next time the SMH addresses a topic related to Russia it will do it in a more meaningful and less pathetic way which would be only fair to the 11 million readers of the renowned newspaper”, spokesperson concluded.

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