President Putin offers USA revival of meaningful talks

New scenario could signal a new start for an unfettered arms race

BYYasir Rehman

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered United States to revive meaningful talks without delay to ensure strategic stability and security.

In a statement issued by the Embassy of Russian Federation in Canberra on Tuesday, President Putin warned that that all the responsibility for what has happened rests with the United States on unilateral withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles.

He lamented that United States unilaterally withdraw from the INF Treaty under a far-fetched pretext and the dismantlement of one of the last fundamental arms control treaties creates major complications for world affairs and brings about serious risks for everyone.

“Instead of engaging in a meaningful discussion on international security matters, the United States opted for simply undercutting many years of efforts to reduce the probability of a large-scale armed conflict, including the use of nuclear weapons”, President Putin continued.

“Moscow would start developing short and intermediate-range land-based nuclear missiles if the United States started doing the same”, President Putin

“Russia cannot ignore the current state of affairs or satisfy itself with hollow peace-loving declarations made by its American colleagues or their allies”, he emphasized.

Russian President has instructed his Defence Ministry, Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Intelligence Service to monitor in the most thorough manner future steps taken by the United States to develop, produce and deploy intermediate-range and medium-range missiles.

He warned that if Russia obtains reliable information whereby the United States completes the development of these systems and starts to produce them, Russia will have no option other than to engage in a full-scale effort to develop similar missiles.

President Putin assured that Russia will maintain the unilateral commitments it has assumed and will act only when it has to respond which applies to developing, producing and deploying land-based intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles.

“Russia will not deploy land-based intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles in any given region until US-made intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles are deployed there”, he argued.

He hoped that common sense prevails and US and their allies have a sense of responsibility toward their people and the entire international community.

Russian President expressed concern that new scenario could signal a new start for an unfettered arms race.

“In order to avoid chaos with no rules, restrictions or laws, we need to once more weigh up all the dangerous consequences and launch a serious and meaningful dialogue free from any ambiguity”, he concluded.

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