Russian Ambassador sceptical for a fair trial of MH17 in Netherlands

BYYasir Rehman


Russian Ambassador to Australia, Alexy Pavlovsky has expressed his scepticism for a fair trial of unfortunate MH17 in the Netherlands stressing to establish truth first to deliver justice.

In a brief interview with Vibe Media Australia on Sunday, Ambassador Pavlovsky appeared disappointed of the fact that Australian government remained prejudiced towards Russia, hiding the truth and shared investigation with families of victims politically pre-determined version of “the Russians-did-it” .

Vibe Media.The Australian Government welcomed the forthcoming MH17 trial in the Netherlands. It will be attended by some of the perished Australians’ next of kin. Three Russian citizens and one Ukrainian have been charged with the downing of the flight. Does Russia intend to cooperate in bringing them to justice? Is there hope for the bereaved families to see the justice done?

Ambassador Pavlovsky: Justice can’t possibly be done without first establishing the truth. Regrettably, the investigation, far from being an honest quest for truth, from the very beginning has been an exercise in catering for the politically pre-determined version of “the Russians-did-it”.

“Russia was flatly denied participation in the JIT, Malaysia was only allowed to join much later, and Ukraine was given the authority to censor all the public releases of the investigation”, he disclosed.

He stressed that the JIT mostly disregarded the data and records provided by the Russian side while extensively relying on the highly dubious wiretaps from one and only source – the Ukrainian Security service.

“The Kyiv authorities’ failure to provide primary radar information under the ridiculous pretext that all the relevant radars were out of order on the day of the tragedy, raised no eyebrows”, he questioned.

Russian Ambassador said that all of this remains largely unknown to the Australian public, including the families of the victims. The Australians are prompted to embrace the notion of “world-class professionalism” and absolute integrity of the Joint Investigation Team and therefore, incontestability of its anti-Russian conclusions.

Whenever something comes up that could cast the slightest doubt on this concept, the mainstream media always look the other way. A case in point are numerous evidences of metadata falsifications in the images used by JIT to underpin the version of the BUK allegedly having come from Russia.

By the way, it seems now that the AFP became aware of possible manipulations of this kind as far back as in July 2015. No need to say, the AFP has never shared this with the public, and the Federal Government kept stressing its absolute trust in the Dutch-led investigation. 

Vibe Media: So you don’t believe in a fair trial in the Netherlands?

Ambassador Pavlovsky:I am highly sceptical. The anti-Russian narrative instigated for all these years by the JIT and some of the participating countries puts immense pressure on the Court. No doubt, those who had cynically hijacked the investigation for their political purposes expect now from the Court nothing less than legitimising the simulacrum of truth they have come up with. This doesn’t bode well for the justice to be done.

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