Presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan a breeding ground for extremism: Javad Zarif

BYYasir Rehman


Foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif has emphasized that there is no military solution in Afghanistan rather presence of foreign forces historically provided a recruiting ground for extremists.

Addressing at the Ministerial Conference of Heart of Asia Countries Istanbul on 9 December 2019, he said announcement of a timetable for a responsible exit of foreign troops from Afghanistan would prepare the necessary ground for the Afghan government to promote peace and reconciliation process at the national level.

He also urged on Afghan people to settle any differences taking into account the absolute imperative of keeping Afghanistan’s unity as well as the constitutional arrangements intact.

Javed Zarif also reiterated Iran’s strong support for an Afghan owned and Afghan led peace process with the participation of all political groups and factions including the Taliban with the Afghan government in the center.

“Transparency and inclusiveness would be the keys to any successful prospect. We also encourage all relevant parties to participate in such an independent national dialogue and resolve their differences through constructive engagement and negotiations”, he remarked.

He also offered Iran’s every possible support to facilitate a peace process that would preserve the achievements of the 2001 Bonn Conference, in particular the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as a solid foundation for any political solution.

“Taking the views of neighboring countries and considering their legitimate concerns during the process would guarantee that the peace agreement has stronger supports regionally”, he urged.

Iranian Foreign Minister advocated that the United Nations could become active to bring all domestic groups as well as international partners of Afghan government under one umbrella to facilitate this process.

Afghan President addressing the conference

He also warned the participant over the increasing threat of Daesh in Afghanistan which has led to more bloodshed and introduced dangerous sectarian tendencies.

“As no one gained from introducing and supporting Daesh and other extremists in Syria and Iraq, no one will gain from introducing them to Afghanistan and Central Asia. This horrific trend needs to be arrested before it reaches catastrophic proportions. We firmly believe that we need to form a united front and strongly stand against Daesh”, he maintained.

Javed Zarif also highlighted Iran’s initiates to help build a stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

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