Russian diplomacy pursue constructive agenda for global stability: Ambassador Pavlovsky

BYYasir Rehman


Russian Ambassador to Australia Dr. A.Pavlovsky has said that Russia’s diplomacy continues to pursue a positive and constructive agenda to preserve peace and enhance strategic stability worldwide.

“As one of the guardians of the existing world order, we promote strict compliance with international law and uphold the UN Charter”, Ambassador Dr. Alexy Pavlovsky said in his comments on the occasion of Russia’s Diplomats’ Day.

On 10 February the Diplomats’ Day is celebrated – both in Russia and in 253 its diplomatic and consular posts abroad. This professional holiday was established in 2002 by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in relation to the 200th anniversary of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Recalling Russian Federation critical role for global stability and peace, he pointed that  Russia resist attempts to substitute the universally agreed international legal instruments and mechanisms with narrow formats, where alternative, non-consensual methods for resolving various international problems are developed in circumvention of a legitimate multilateral framework.

“World developments including the current COVID-19 crisis clearly show the growing demand for a more just and inclusive system and Russian diplomats around the world work tirelessly to achieve it, in line with the needs and desires of the overwhelming majority of the international community”, Ambassador added.

The origins of regular foreign service in Russia can be traced back to the XVI century. The predecessor of the Foreign Ministry, the Ambassadorial Department (or “Posolsky Prikaz” in Russian), was first mentioned in written chronicles in 1549.

Paying rich tributes to the Russian Foreign Service, he said that diplomats served our Motherland with honour, upholding its independence and sovereignty, defending its interests while promoting co-operation between nations and contributed in shaping the contemporary world order built on the ultimate foundation of the UN Charter.

Russian Ambassador warned not to overestimate the continuing relevance of UN Charter timeless principles of sovereign equality of States, non-interference with their domestic affairs, the right of peoples to determine their own future, peaceful settlement of disputes.

He also reminded that Russia has played a tangible role in the process of decolonisation and provided young states with all-round assistance and support.

“Today Russia’s diplomacy continues to pursue a positive and constructive agenda. It includes efforts to preserve peace and enhance strategic stability, combat COVID-19 pandemic, resolve crises and conflicts by political and diplomatic means, promote the idea of a broad Eurasian integration, strengthen bilateral cooperation and enhance interaction within multilateral associations including the United Nations, G20, BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, RIC (Russia, India, China), Eurasian Economic Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Collective Security Treaty Organisation”, Ambassador Pavlovsky concluded.

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