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Monday, January 25, 2021
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China determined on one country two systems, deplored Payne statement

Strongly criticising the statement of Foreign Minister Marise Payne on China’s National Security Law for Hong Kong, China has reminded Australian government...

Australia flags concerns on new Security Law for Hong Kong

Australia has expressed deep concern about Beijing's imposition of a National Security Law on Hong Kong urging the Chinese government to reconsider...

Chinese Embassy issued shut-up call, termed Payne remarks irresponsible

In a strong shut- up call, Chinese Embassy in Australia has expressed strong displeasure and firm opposition against the Foreign Minister Marise...

Australia voices concerns over arrest of activists in Hong Kong

Foreign Minister Marise Payne has expressed her deep concerns over reported arrests of 14 high-profile pro-democracy figures in Hong Kong.

Foreign governments stay away from meddling in Hong Kong’s affairs: Chinese...

Chinese Ambassador in Australia Cheng Jingye unhappy over recent statements of Australian government on situation in Hong Kong Saturday categorically stated that Hong Kong...