Czech Ambassador presented his Letters of Credence to the Governor General of New Zealand

BYYasir Rehman


Ambassador of Czech Republic in Australia Tomáš Dub handed over his Letters of Credence as the new non-resident Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Governor General of New Zealand, Lee Reddy.

To welcome Ambassador Tomáš Dub, a welcoming ceremony with the original inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori, took place in the garden of the Governor General’s residence.

Photos: Embassy of Czech Republic

Governor General Lee Reddy in her speech, acknowledged mutual relations and called attention to the significance of immigration for New Zealand, said a statement issued by the Embassy of Czech Republic in Australia.

Later Ambassador Tomáš Dub called on Governor General Lee and both sides discussed the warm bilateral ties between Czech Republic and New Zealand.

During this discussion with the new Czech Ambassador, the Governor General mentioned her recent personal visit to Prague and expressed her desire to return.

She also mentioned the prepared FTA between New Zealand and the EU and expressed her desire for the Head of Mission to regularly visit New Zealand, in light of the fact that the embassy is a non-resident embassy.  

As part of preparations for the ceremonial handing over of credentials, an instructional film was played, starring former Czech Ambassador to New Zealand, Hynek Kmoníček, as the main character.

Seeing as the recording from the current handing over of credentials ceremony will be used to create a new instructional film, the tradition of the Czech Ambassador featuring in these films will live on.  

During his stay, the Czech Ambassador also met with the director of the division of New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is responsible for the Czech Republic.

Director Taylor mentioned growing Czech export and the success and popularity of Škoda cars in the local market. Also, given the importance of tourism for the New Zealand economy, he mentioned the continued interest of Czech tourists in visiting New Zealand.  

In this respect, Ambassador Tomáš Dub acknowledged the working holiday agreement, which is a vital factor in increasing the allure of New Zealand in the eyes of young people.  

Director Taylor also mentioned the Czech ex-pat community, noting that it is an integral part of New Zealand society.

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