Korean Ambassador unveiled Korean War Memorial in Melbourne

BYYasir Rehman


Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Baeksoon attended the unveiling ceremony of the 4th Korean War Memorial in Melbourne early this month, and paid his tribute to the Australian veterans who sacrificed their lives in order to protect the freedom of Korea.

Government officials from Korea and Australia, including the minister for patriots and veterans affairs of the Republic of Korea, the Korean War veterans and the Korean community living in Melbourne attended the ceremony on the day, said a statement issued by the embassy of Republic of Korea.

Photos: Embassy of Republic of Korea

After the ceremony, a luncheon event was hosted for the Korean War veterans and their families.

The Korean War Memorial in Melbourne is the 4th Korean War memorial completed in Australia, followed by the ones in Canberra, Sydney and Gold Coast.

With the contribution of the Victorian state government, the Korean government, Korean community and the war veterans, the memorial was successfully established in the city of Maribyrong located within the metropolitan area of Melbourne.

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