Thai diplomats paid a visit to 3 Thai monasteries in Sydney

BYYasir Rehman


Ambassador of Thailand Nantana Sivakua, together with officers from Royal Thai Embassy Canberra, paid respect to the Abbots of the three historic Thai monasteries Wat Buddharangsee in Stanmore, Annandale, and Wat Pa Leumeah in Sydney.

“Phra Thepsilaporn (Chao Khun Samai) gave a blessing to the whole team and taught them to adhere to Five Precepts of Buddhism, and most important, to work with wisdom”, said a Thai embassy statement.

Phra Abhijaya Abhipunno kindly shared with the team impressive story of how to establish new temples in new places, such as Japan and Republic of Korea.

The Abbot also sprinkled upon all of us the holy water to give blessing.

Photos: Royal Embassy of Thailand

Phra Rajadharmayan (Chao Khun Yoi) Deputy Abbot from Stanmore told the story of how the first Thai temple was established in Australia and how it has grown and developed together with the Buddhist Community in NSW.

The Team from Canberra was fortunate to witness the examination of Dharma studies organized by Wat Thepsirin team from Bangkok. The Dharma trip finally ended with everyone in the team full of gratitude from merit making.